Monday, October 24, 2011

Movie Review - Doctor Who

Well, things are plugging long for me, just finished my speech for class (only by staying up all of last night, ugh!) Any way its time for another movie review! Doctor Who, is by far the the favorite TV series in our house. Anyway, Doctor Who is a British television sci-fi show that started way back when the black and white days and is still going on today. Okay I just want to put in a disclaimer to the Doctor Who fans who may happen to read this that I know I cannot give justus to the awesomeness of Doctor Who in it's complexity. Anyway, the series is about a Timelord (eg. an alien) that travels in time and space in his time ship that is bigger on the inside and also looks like a police box, and his various adventures saving the world. Did I mention that he's about 900 years old? Timelords have this way of "cheating death" as it where, and are able to regenerate, which basically means that if he gets killed his body is able to regenerate it self, and basically changes completely (new actor and everything). This way the get a "new" Doctor, though he has the same memories, he has a new body and personality. So far the Doctor has regenerated ten times (I refuse to accept the eleventh, the newest one is just not the doctor!) Anyway this the way the series is divided according the regenerations. My personal favorite is the tenth version of the Doctor (acted by the Scottish David Tennant!) who is on the newer part of the Doctor Who Series. My family prefers the fourth better (acted by Tom Baker) since he was the Doctor when my dad watched the show as a kid! If you want to start watching the series (since it will be nearly impossible for you to understand it if you start in the middle) I suggest that you start with the tenth Doctor on this episode Smith and Jones  as the newer series is better explaining the doctor. The entire new series is also on Netfiex Instant watch, which may be helpful to those of you have Netfix. Just so you know the newer Doctor who series is meant for older audiences and not for children, but the older series (exspecally the forth doctor) is alright for older children. Overall I would defiantly recommend this movie as it as all that a good show should have, humor, action, time traveling, and cool British accents!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Review - Redwall

I was first introduced to this book when I was about nine and the moment I picked it up I couldn't put it down, I just had to finish it! A very intriguing series, even though it is about sword welding mice, Brian Jacques, makes it fun and adventurous. The story starts with a young mouse in an Abbey longing for adventure, never expecting that he would actually end up in one, when the Abbey is attacked by a hoard of sea rats! Read to find out how he and his friends, Cornflower, Basil and Constance, just to name a few, help protect the peaceful Abbey. Great story to read to younger siblings, and to add to the fun make sure to read it with an accent! Even if it’s not completely correct, my siblings seem to enjoy it none the less.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Old Time Radio - Evening Primrose

For a first free radio drama, (public domain) I have selected a very interesting tale from Escape, called the Evening Primrose. A thrilling tale of suspense and mystery. Ever wonder what happens at a store when it closes? My sister and I would always imagine what we would do if we lived in a store, and how we would evade the costumers and staff. Well this elaborates on that idea, about a young man who goes to live at the department store because of his lack of money, but soon finds that he is not alone.......

Evening Primrose

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Book Review - Shadow of the Bear

Like Catholic fiction? How about fairytales? With The Shadow of the Bear by Regina Doman, you get both! A fairytale set in modern time, Regina takes you on through the classic fairytale of Rose Red and Snow White.

                                                 "Once upon a time... In New York City, a young, secretive street tough who calls himself, Bear, lands on the doorstep of two teenaged sisters. On the one hand Rose is delighted with his surprising knowledge of literature, poetry, and music; on the other hand Blanche is afraid of his apparent connections to drugs, murder, and a hidden treasure. Even as Blanche learns to trust him, her fears that Bear's friendship threatens their family prove terrifyingly true."  ~back cover of Shadow of the Bear

One of the best books I have ever read, a really hard to put down novel! Not meant for the younger audiences, as it does deal with some adult topics, for you younger readers I recommend for you the picky parent's guide to the Shadow of the Bear. If you want to find out more about the book (including the first chapter of the book free) check out Regina Doman's website Fairytale Novels. Stay tune for more Reviews!  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Reveiw ~ Little Dorrit

Based of the little known Charles Dickens novel, Little Dorrit, is a delightful mini series from BBC. Amy Dorrit has lived in the  Marshalsea Prison for Debt since her birth and cares for her elderly father who is there because of his debt. To help the family financially, Amy hires herself to a Mrs. Clennam who confined to a wheel chair and not disposed to charitable acts for some reason takes a interest in this young lady from the marshalsea. Her son, Arthur Clennam who was abroad for many years, returns to his mother, after his fathers death. Due to his fathers unrest at his death about a certain matter, Arthur suspects that the family business may have ruined someone that his father wished to make amends but was unable to. Arthur discovers his mother fondness for the Miss Dorrit and suspects that his family may be the reason for Mr. Dorrit's debt, and he endeavores to discover this and to help Amy and her family.  A true Dickens tale in it complexity as there are many other plots to this movie. Though not a movie for young  watchers as there is instances of violence (murder) and some profanity. It is a thoroughly riveting movie, one of my personal favorites!
A link to the movie on youtube: Little Dorrit