Pygmalion (recently updated!)

Here I will eventually post the link to the actual finished product, but seeing as I haven't quite finished the product, I will instead have the pertaining posts from my other blog of the eventual production of this radio play, how it started as play, became a movie and ended up being a radio play instead. Read from the bottom to get the whole tragic tale.

7/2/11- Recording
And now for an update on my movie:
        First of all, I had to change it, again, but now it is a radio play. You are probably asking "first a play, then a movie, and now a radio play? What next a book?"  I know the best laid plans.... but you know the rest. So how did it all happen, weeelll it mostly came down to this sort of realization that I only have this month to film, since one of my actors is going to the seminary and another one is going to World Youth Day, and since we also had only one Act filmed (due to the difficulty of getting over five people together in one place at the same time) I realized that short of a miracle there was no way that we would get the other four Acts filmed in one month. So rather then asking for a miracle, I decided that it would be simpler to record it as a radio play. The beauty of this scheme is the fact that we can get it completely done in an afternoon, or so. So I bought three microphones, the lovely one depicted in the picture below:

And now all I have to do is wrangle up all my actors and get recording, hopefully be for some of them leave!

3/24/11- Filming Day 1 
Well we did our first day of filming, which went a lot better then I expected. We managed to get an entire act done, and also managed to have a lot of fun in the process. We were going to rent a old Victorian house for filming, but it didn't quite work out since it didn't fit with the budget (which is only about twenty dollars, which admittedly is a rather hard to work with budget) so we ended up filming at my house, with almost all the furniture we used was from my room since I have during the years collected an assortment of old and Victorian furniture (which I might point out was only about four pieces of furniture but who really cares about such minuet details!). Anyway I will keep you posted as to further developments.

3/6/11- To do a Movie or Not to do a Movie? That is the Question...
Whether it is nobler to do a play and bear the pangs of not having all the actors or to skip the whole thing and do a movie instead? 
      Or something to that effect, I think I have determined that I will be doing my own Student film. What in world am I talking about you may ask? Well, several months ago I started directing a play, which I also ended up taking the lead in, due to some complications. In between now and then many adventures and mishaps, but I have decided that it would be neat if we did it as a movie instead. So I am beginning the motions, trying to find locations, working out choreographing for those locations, and oh, also memorizing lines. The play (or now movie) is Pygmalion written by George Bernard Shaw, you may of the musical version which is more well known, My Fair Lady. Set in the early 1900's England, about a certain gentleman that takes in a young girl from the streets and teaches her how to be a lady. The title Pygmalion which you may think an odd one, comes from the Greek legend about a stone carver, Pygmalion, who carves a statue of a woman and falls in love with it, in the end the Greek gods have pity on him and they turn the statue into a real person. All in all it should be a very interesting venture and I will try to keep you informed of any further developments.

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