Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Reveiw ~ Little Dorrit

Based of the little known Charles Dickens novel, Little Dorrit, is a delightful mini series from BBC. Amy Dorrit has lived in the  Marshalsea Prison for Debt since her birth and cares for her elderly father who is there because of his debt. To help the family financially, Amy hires herself to a Mrs. Clennam who confined to a wheel chair and not disposed to charitable acts for some reason takes a interest in this young lady from the marshalsea. Her son, Arthur Clennam who was abroad for many years, returns to his mother, after his fathers death. Due to his fathers unrest at his death about a certain matter, Arthur suspects that the family business may have ruined someone that his father wished to make amends but was unable to. Arthur discovers his mother fondness for the Miss Dorrit and suspects that his family may be the reason for Mr. Dorrit's debt, and he endeavores to discover this and to help Amy and her family.  A true Dickens tale in it complexity as there are many other plots to this movie. Though not a movie for young  watchers as there is instances of violence (murder) and some profanity. It is a thoroughly riveting movie, one of my personal favorites!
A link to the movie on youtube: Little Dorrit


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